08. Juli 2009

Note: This experiment began with a big portion of irony in mind, regarding CSS frameworks. But then it developed into an interesting exercise on how to code with minimal markup.

Have you ever wanted to work with a streamlined CSS framework? Here it is ...

The source code

revision 1: 109 Bytes

<!DOCTYPE html><head><title></title><style type="text/css">*{color:#000;background:#fff}</style></head><body>

No need for a download link. It even fits in a tweet on Twitter.

Revision 2: 74 Bytes

<!DOCTYPE html><title></title><style>*{color:#000;background:#fff}</style>

This is still a valid HTML 5, crossbrowser compatible document and the framework is still ready to start adding content. With revision 2 we achieve amazing 32 percent saving of markup. The source code fits on a single typewriter line.

10 exciting killer-features

  1. It’s standard compliant and only uses valid code (valid HTML 5)
  2. Completely made without any CSS hacks
  3. It’s prepared for the future by using the latest web technologies (HTML 5)
  4. It has a streamlined source code, no DIV soups or bloated CSS, no optional end-tags.
  5. It has accessibility features (maximum contrast for all elements)
  6. Premium class browser compatibility (IE 3+)
  7. Performance optimized code - only a single HTTP request
  8. No limits for webpage design (allows fixed, elastic or fluid designs and even grids)
  9. Prepared for web 2.0: Just add rounded corners, drop shadows and reflections
  10. It’s free: licensed under Gnu Public License

Many thanks to co-author Tomas Caspers for his help, hard work and contribution to make this web developers dream come true.

UPDATE:  Revision 2 is out with huge markup savings. Thanks to all commenters who helped to fall below the 100 Byte limit.

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